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The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” meaning to bind, join attach, union or communion. It is the true union of our will with the will of God. Yoga also means a discipline of body and mind. It is not a set of religious belief or practices. It is for common man, living a normal life, irrespective of his profession, class, race, religion or belief. It was collated, co-ordinated and systematised by Patanjali in his classical work “Yoga Sutras”. Patanjali, enumerates eight limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga Yoga) for the quest of soul or the real understanding of self. They are:

1) Yama:- rules for social behavior;

2) Niyama:-Self purification by discipline;

3) Asana:- Postures and Exercises;

4) Pranayama:- rhythmic breathing exercises;

5) Pratyahara:- control of senses;

6) Dharna:-concentration;

7) Dhayana:- meditation;

8) Samadhi:- absolute Bliss-illumination, the final aim of Yoga.



Yoga maintains that a healthy body is essential for mental and spiritual development. Whether or not, you understand or acknowledge the ultimate aims of Yoga, you can, anyway derive immense benefits from its rational system of exercises (asanas) and breathing (pranayam).

With regular practice of asanas, pranayamas and meditation one experiences, a complete sense of well being, such as:

 Improvement in Physical Health & Energy.

 Enhanced Immune System.

 Improved Blood Circulation, Lymph drainage.

 More Flexible, Healthy, Pain-Free Joints & Muscles.

 Stronger Backbone & Correct Stature.

 Improved & Stronger Sexual Health.

 Glowing & Radiant Face.

 Prevention of deadly diseases like Heart diseases,Cancers, Auto-immune diseases etc.

 Stillness & Peace of Mind.

 Happy & Positive Attitude ..............

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