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Thai Facials

Thai facial

Get a quick 40 minutes Thai Facial treatment, according to traditional thai system of massage, combined with natural herbs, and ozone steam effects, removes dead skin layers, at the same time giving antiseptic, moisturizing & softening feel to get that glowing, fresh & energized face.

Appointment/Reservations not required.

“First come first serve basis”

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Experience our unique 3 step facial for complete rejuvenation of face to look fresh, youthful and full of radiance and glow

  1. Step one Facial Scrub

    The use of pure herbs, according to Traditional Thai system of medicine, combined with skillful hand strokes, exfoliates and removes dirt, pollutants and dead skin layers, preparing your tender face for receiving the herbal face pack.

  2. Facial pack of special herbal formulations

    An extraordinary pack for face, prepared using rare and expensive herbs, with antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, to give smooth, soft, tender baby skin. Gently the blemishes & ageing spots would fade away.

  3. Pure Gold revitalizing Massage

    Finish you face treatment with pure gold massage. Gold is powerful rejuvenator, removing stubborn blemishes and marks and will make your face look glowing and new in few sessions. Discounted packages are available for 3 or 5 treatments.

Appointment/Reservation required for 3 step facial treatment.

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Note: We use 100% herbal and pure essential Oil ingredients, for this treatment.