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  • “After 5 sessions of Original Reflexology, I feel to have gained back my sense of smell.”
    - Mrs Manny, Pattaya, Thailand
  • “Frozen Shoulder & pain reduced in just 5 sessions, Highly recommended.”
    - Col. R.J.B., USA
  • “My name is Paul Murphy, from England, and I can TESTIFY that the treatment I received here, worked wonders for my shoulder.”
    - P. Murphy, England.
  • “Came here nearly every night - Excellent!!. A twisted knee and the Massage & Electromagnet treatments helped a great deal - Look forward to come back next time. Khob Khun Khrab ( Thank you in Thai )”
    - Richard & Catherine, Yorkshire - England.
  • “Its excellent treatment. You are great, you help me, you gave me new life. I don’t have to take medicine everyday (10-15 tablets) and admit to hospital every year, because of stomach problems and rheumatoid arthritis. After taking treatment here I am satisfied and happy too.”
    - Sukhvinder, Ubon, Thailand.
  • “Manit is a true HEALER. He helped my back and sciatic condition. I could barely walk, and after several treatments I am much improved. The doctors in America, had diagnosed me, “crippled for life”. After the 2nd month of treatment, I can now ride bicycle. Thank You.”
    - B. Marvin, Petaluma, Ca., US. (Now in Thailand).
  • “Excellent Treatment, had sciatica problems for 3 years plus tried usual therapy but nothing compared to this form of treatment, I recommend the use of this practice and I personally rate it the best in the world 10/10.”
    - Paul, England.
  • “Thank U Doc, for stop pain inside both hands. I must no have operation now.”
    - J. Freitag, Germany.
  • “Very Professional and ethical. Treatments are excellent”
    - Ken, Ireland.
  • The best Massage and Staff in Pattaya. No hanky-Panky stuff. Real Massages”
    - Bob, New York, USA.
  • Liver functions all were very high. Came down to normal just in 15 days of therapies.”
    - Mr Ghalverdi, Iran.
  • “Had 5 surgeries to correct my ankle problem. It started to become cancerous. Got completely cured in 20 days.”
    - Mr Khalfan, Muscat Oman.
  • “I am 82 years old. Have attended many Yoga classes and training. The Yoga classes here with A. Manit are superb, complete in all respects, and suitable for all. Highly recommended.”
    - Mrs Swaran Kaur, NY, USA
  • “Yoga over here has helped me to get the right vision for life.”
    - Ursula, Sweden.
  • “The Yoga Classes here are enlightening and divine reaching your spirits. I have never felt so peaceful, and relaxed in just 1 month.”
    - Richard, Australia.
  • “My health has improved. My back, knee, and shoulder pains are almost gone. I feel more energy, and able to concentrate better. I thank my Yoga Teacher from my heart.”
    - Dalad, Pattaya, Thailand.
  • “I had been doing Yoga for 10 years, but never got this light, calming, refreshing feeling after a Yoga Class. The perfect combination of Postures, Breathing exercises and Meditation feels heavenly. ”
    - Janet, USA.
  • “I have been coming for 4 years, I feel stronger and healthy. I enjoy the variety of the classes. Thank you so much.”
    - Norma, England.


Yoga by Norma

March 2014

Yoga by Ursila

March 2014

Yoga by Aaya

July 2014


Yoga by Noi

March 2014


Treatments by Abdullah

June 2014