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New life – Karmic release – Soul realization

Drained and burnt-out under the pressures of stress, work, anger, expectations, family …… Life seems a heavy burden. Drugs seem to be your only refuge or suicide seems a good way out?

Have attended, many Self healing, Positive-attitude seminars, workshops. It’s just back to square one, after few days.


The reason is, we just cannot think positive, and create positive thoughts around us, unless Karmic and Psychic impressions, from this life or past life have been cleaned, and washed out. Negative and dark karmic and psychic impressions, control the mind, no matter how much we try to make it think positive.

Forgiveness isn't just a benevolent characteristic, designed to make you feel good about yourself – it's a prescription for breaking those karmic chains that have been wound around you for many lifetimes.

But most of the time we just don't feel forgiving and we want that person who hurt us to feel sorry. We hold onto resentment, even though we realize it's not benefiting our spiritual journey and know it's keeping us from finding love that's nurturing and harmonious, success, prosperity and that calm and satisfied feeling.

Resentment is a negative energy that will attract us to negative situations. Holding a grudge against a former friend or spreading gossip about that co-worker who treated us unfairly will restrict harmonious interaction in all our relationships. Because we often tend to wrap old hurts around us like a cocoon, we stay cloistered inside that bubble of resentment and lash out at everybody when we feel maligned; we keep emotionally returning to situations that wounded us, falsely believing that if somebody pays for the pain, it will go away. The problem is, it doesn't go away because collecting a debt on emotional injustice doesn't belong to our human existence, but to our soul; and the key to releasing the karma attached to our soul is learning to forgive. The difficulty, however, can be figuring out whom and how to forgive. Take the first steps, towards this goal, of “letting go”. YOU can bring and create happiness, contentment, optimism and exuberance for yourself. Let us be your guide, and show you that illuminated path.

We have designed, a quick, result oriented, 5 session package, to start on this journey. Each session is for about 1½ hours, comprising, detailed consultation and counseling, Yogic breathing techniques, meditation techniques, mantra recitation techniques, and guided yog nidra subtle body cleansing.

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