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A leather belt, resembling a hat, is fitted on to the head and sealed with urid dal or flour and cotton. Herbal and oil decoction slowly poured over the head, and kept warm by blowing hot air.

Shirobasti benefits in

Type I :- paralysis, mental retardation, schizophrenia, hypertension, sinus headaches, disorientation, vascular headaches, vata in the head, glaucoma

Type II :- skin problem Type

Type III :- hair fall, dandruff


Improves the functioning of prana vayu (Wind Energy that supports life) and revitalizes sensory functioning. It also promotes kapha secretions in the para-nasal sinus zone, which reduces congestion in the head. It helps to remove blockages in the brain and clots within the blood vessels. It balances all doshas, removes aama (Toxins) from the hair root and gives nourishment to the new hair that begins to grow.


1 hour; (The best time is in the morning)

We provide discounted packages for purchase of 5 or more sessions.

Appointment/Reservations required.

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