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It is highly advisable to book your treatment sessions in advance, especially during high season in the months of November, December, January, February, March. Please do not travel to Thailand, for the purpose of treatments with us, without getting confirmation from us. There is high possibility, that you might have to wait, a few days, before your therapies may be started.

Kindly fill in the form below, to start the process of appointment booking.

After receiving your request, we shall book a tentative appointment at your requested dates if available, or suggest you with alternative dates of availability. A Reservation or appointment is only confirmed after receiving the deposit payment. Details of deposit payments will be provided, once the dates have been finalized. For registration or reservation via our website, we recommend to do it 3-4 days in advance. The method of Registration - Reservation via website, though a better and more efficient way but requires much time to process your requests. For faster reservations please call us at 086-3921164 (10:00 – 16:30 hours only).

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Your information remains confidential with us, till the date of appointment. After that it will be deleted from our system. We do not forward your information to any 3rd party.

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