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Panchakarma : Detox - Rejuvenate - Heal

It is much easier to clear the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract of mucus, undigested material and toxic accumulations (with enemas, and herbs), than to remove the same from deeper parts of the body. Cleansing and detoxification of the deeper and peripheral tissues is a complex and often lengthy process that usually requires processes that will bring several metabolic changes in the body, which renders them subtle in action. Panchakarma, is a powerful and fast-acting method to reach deeper into the tissues and organs, to cleanse and detoxify them..

Panchakarma comprises of five distinct detoxification and purification procedures: VAMAN (emesis), VIRECHAN (purgation), BASTI (enema), NASYA (cleansing via the nose) and RAKTAMOSHAN (blood-letting). Most people today primarily have vata and pitta excess, associated with low digestive fire (agni) and toxins (aam), for which virechan and basti are indicated and are suffice. These treatments require elaborate pre- and post-operative steps and therefore time. Nasya is a comparatively simple procedure, which can be incorporated into the main treatment as and when necessary. We rarely practice the procedure of Raktamoshan, while vaman, is indicated when there are problems of kapha.

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Blended pain

At our center, Panchkarma is a 10 days to 4 weeks detoxification process where there are 5 steps involved. The steps given below, need not to be followed in this sequence. We shall, design out the steps and therapies, for the optimum health benefits, after your examination..

First step – Liquefy and melt, old and deposited toxins from each cellular level through massage and herbs.

Second step – Move them to digestive track through special massage Therapies, Diet, Herbal Ghee and Herbs.

Third step - They are expelled out of your system through purgation in a day time. You can see lots of Pitta and Aama in form of mucus, yellow, hot liquids and stools passing out of your body. This reduces Migraine, Acid Reflux, IBS, Skin problems like Psoriasis, Eczema etc.

Fourth step - Specifically designed Enemas are given to take out Air from the Body and Lubricate Joints, Skin, Hair, and overall cells in the body. Lubrication reduces Degeneration, helps Renew cells, improves Metabolism, Digestion and Energy, reduces Fear, Phobia, Depression and Anxiety, improves Flexibility of joints; reduce Stiffness, Osteoporosis, and Osteoarthritis. Improved Metabolism helps to control Diabetes, Cholesterol, helps Losing Weight, reduced Risk of Heart problems too.

Fifth step - Rejuvenation programs with Special Herbs and Diet. Cell to cell rejuvenation remarkably helps all body channels to improve. Memory, Concentration, Strength, Vigor, Vitality, Immunity, Confidence, Happiness, Positivity are enhanced.

Preparation Phase (Purvakarma)

Before starting the Panchakarma sessions, we advice our guests to follow a specific diet and lifestyle, which can be made available, upon request. This will greatly enhance the ability of your body, mind and emotions to release as many toxins, blocks and impurities as possible, faster, saving the tie you have to spend with us.

It is normal to experience mood swings, and emotions of fear, anxiety, anger etc. Feelings of restlessness and agitation may also occur – this is a normal phase of the panchakarma process, which shows that the body is getting rid of the toxins. Sometimes old symptoms from past diseases may temporarily reappear.


Minimum 10 Sessions, with 3 hours of therapies per session.