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The rest in meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep that you can ever have. When the mind becomes free from agitation, is calm and serene and at peace, meditation happens.

The benefits of meditation are manifold. It is an essential practice for mental hygiene. A calm mind, good concentration, clarity of perception, improvement in communication, blossoming of skills and talents, an unshakeable inner strength, healing, the ability to connect to an inner source of energy, relaxation, rejuvenation, and good luck are all natural results of meditating regularly.

In today's world where stress catches on faster than the eye can see or the mind can perceive, meditation is no more a luxury. It is a necessity. To be unconditionally happy and to have peace of mind, we need to tap into the power of meditation. Meditation cannot come if one is physically ill, in pain. Meditation will not happen, until we leran to relax our minds. As such, Following the proper steps of Astanga Yoga as laid down by Maharishi Patanjali, is the right way to learn Meditation.



Upon finishing your meditation you will find that you feel infused with these qualities of energy, clarity, creativity and perhaps most importantly, deep inner peace. We practice Meditation in our General Yoga Classes, or you may book a private session if you would just like to just focus on Meditation learning.

We conduct free Meditation classes once a week. Download the price list for details.
Note: It is possible that by the blessings of highly spiritual master, to go into meditative state, without first learning Asanas, or Pranayama.

Appointment/Reservation recommended for general Yoga sessions, but required for private session.

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