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Kati Basti/Dhara (for Lower back)

Katti Bastis are external application of oils, decoctions or juices given in localized areas such as the lower spine, knee, elbow etc. They are helpful in all degenerative diseases (muscular and bone atrophies, spondylosis, sclerosis). The treatment procedure is the same as for Heart or Kidney Dhara, the difference being in the use of different herbal decoctions and oils.

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Kati Basti benefits in - Intervertebral disc prolapse, degeneration of lumbar vertebra, lumbar lordosis, lumbar Spondylolisthesis, lumbar spondylosis, Osteo arthritis of Lumbosacral area, soft tissues injuries at the lumbo sacral region.


Balances all doshas especially Vata –Apana Vayu(downward moving wind energy) and removes Aama (toxins), softening and strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments


40 minutes; (anytime of the day)

We provide discounted packages for purchase of 5 or more sessions.

Appointment/Reservations required.

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