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Indian Head Massage

Head massage

An ancient Indian grandma’s secret to remain alert, active, with strong intellect and memory, at the same time remaining grounded. Witness this tradition yourself. An Indian head massage will:

  • Increase oxygen and nutrients supply to the brain
  • Improve circulation of cerebrospinal fluid
  • Dissipate toxins accumulated in the head
  • Relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation
  • Stimulate scalp and hair growth
  • Stretch and mobilize the muscles and tissues of the neck and shoulders
  • Rebalancing vital energy flow, for complete relaxation and stress release

The massage is done with ayurvedic herbal oil with pure essential oils, a formulation researched from ancient Ayurvedic texts.

We provide a choice of 3 Head massage oils (choose any 1)

  1. Shirsha 1: (For Relaxation, Stress Release)
  2. Shirsha 2: (For Nerve Repair, Brain Tonic)
  3. Shirsha 3: (For High Blood Pressure)

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Note: We use 100% herbal and pure essential Oil ingredients, for this treatment.