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Hridya Dhara (for Heart)

According to Ayurveda, the heart is the root of prana vaha srotas. Prana vaha srotas (channels), which are responsible for the flow of prana (life force) in the body, and are the main srotas. The heart is also the seat of the consciousness or soul. It is also related to ojas (vital fluid that gives the strong aura), which sustains the consciousness or soul and keeps the person alive. Even in western medicine, Heart is an important organ. A healthy heart means love, compassion, tolerance, empathy, motivation and energy.

Hridya Dhara benefits in - all types of cardiac problems, mitral stenosis, angina pectoris.

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Balances mainly vyana vata, (outward moving air) and moves from the center of the body out to the periphery. This vayu is a coordinating, connecting force. It coordinates all the powers such as sensory awareness, and runs through the whole network of the 72,000 nadis or passageways of prana in the body, connecting the functions of the nerves, veins, muscles and joints and circulates nutrients and energy. Vyana vayu is fundamental to making one feel and function as an integrated whole. It is felt especially in the skin. Removes blocks and gives strength to cardiac muscles.


30-35 minutes; (anytime of the day)

Recommended course of therapy:

1st 15 days - daily;

2nd 15 days - alternate days;

3rd 15 days – 2 times a week;

4th 15 days – 1 time per week

And then 2 times per month for good health of your heart.

We provide discounted packages for purchase of 5 or more sessions.