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Hand Massage

Hand massage1

We are using our hands all time. It’s time to pamper and care for it. Have an invigorated and energized Hand massage and feel refreshed again. We offer different oils to choose from:

  1. Mineral Oil with fragrance,
  2. Aroma Oil: choose from 4 aromas,
    • Peace;
    • Uplifting;
    • Energy;
    • Exotic
  3. Pure Aromatherapy Essential oils: 5 blends to choose from:
    • “Serene” for Calming and Relaxing effects
    • “Harmony”: For Comforting and Balancing effects
    • “Refresh”: For an Energizing, Invigorating and Reviving effect.
    • “Breeze”: For a Light, Clearing and Refreshing effect
    • “Passion”: For a Warm and Romantic effect
  4. Ayurvedic Medicated Oils: for removing minor aches and pains, that causes those irritations in the way of enjoying life.

Appointment/Reservations not required.

“First come first serve basis”

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Mineral oils and artificial fragrances, are harmful for health when used regularly over a long period. We provide it to keep prices low and be competitive in the market as others are doing massage with this only. Sensitive skin, Asthmatics, easily allergic persons should refrain from using mineral oils and fragrances. We recommend spending a little extra for your health which is invaluable, by choosing other oils.