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Gurda Dhara (for Kidneys)

Healthy kidneys, give a sense of energy, enthusiasm, confidence and wellbeing. In Gurda Dhara medicated decoctions and oils are only applied externally on the kidney areas on the back and are to be retained for a period of time, with gentle massage using cotton or sponge.

Gurda Dhara benefits in –

Type I: Lekhan Dhara:- mass growth or swelling of kidney, cystic kidneys

Type II: Bruhan Dhara:- shrinking of kidney

Kidney basti2

Kidney basti1

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Reduces vata (wind energy) and has either a ‘nourishing’ or ‘scraping’ effect on the organ.


40 minutes; (anytime of the day)

Recommended course of therapy:

1st 15 days - daily;

2nd 15 days - alternate days;

3rd 15 days – 2 times a week;

4th 15 days – 1 time per week

And then 2 times per month for the good health of your kidneys.

We provide discounted packages for purchase of 5 or more sessions.