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Original Foot Reflexology

Foot reflex

A simple yet powerful technique of stimulating reflex points on your feet, not just simple foot rub or massage, to heal minor ailments of your body. This system of healing has stood the test of time, and is a completely harmless way to good health. Certain parts of your feet may feel tender and painful, indicating low energy, poor circulation, or problem in the corresponding part on the body.

This is not a magic or miracle therapy. You need to have a few sessions to feel its benefits. Enroll for 5 or more sessions, and take the first steps to holistic Wellbeing. Heal yourself of minor problems like sinusitis, migraine, low energy, extra fat on hips and waist, indigestion, etc. Our staff doing these therapies have been trained in this art.

Please note: if your problem is a chronic one, it requires more care and attention than just Reflexology. Consult us, for a better planning of your holistic wellness and health.

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