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  • Who can do your massages?

    Any normal healthy individual from children to old age can have massages and therapies with us. But if you suffer from any chronic or acute medical problems, do let our staff know and ask for arranging a consultation appointment with our chief therapist. (Consultation charges apply)

  • Can you send your staff to our hotel, for a massage session?

    We do not have a policy of sending our staff, outside our premises. Most of the standard hotels do not allow outsiders besides the registered guests to access the rooms. This is for your own safety. At our center, we have all the arrangements, with proper equipments, materials, like oils, herbs, scrubs, towels etc to give you the most satisfying experience.

  • Can I do a massage daily?

    The massage being given to you is a general relaxation massage, without any aim of treatment, though there might be some healing effects. As such, whenever you feel exhausted, fatigued, drained, tired, you may pick and enjoy a massage session from a wide variety of choices, which we have in offer. (We recommend a pure aromatherapy massage for a complete sense of relaxation and rejuvenation)

  • What is the best massage for me?

    Different persons have different tastes. Some like hard massage, some soft. So the choice is really yours.

    However, if you feel tired in your feet due to a lot of walking sightseeing or shopping, you will be ready or another round of sightseeing or shopping after a relaxing Foot massage. (Ask our staff to use pure virgin sesame oil)

    If you like strong massage with body manipulations, try our Traditional Thai Massage. If you are looking for pressure points massage something like Shiatsu, a Royal Siamese massage will suit you, and will also help to remove the minor aches and pains, giving a sense of lightness and refreshment.

    Or go for a soothing, gentler Oil Massages, for the whole body to overcome jetlag, travelling tiredness. We recommend choosing organic coconut or sesame oil or pure aromatherapy massage. You will have to specifically ask for it, otherwise our staff would give just an ordinary Mineral Oil Massage. Mineral Oil, is harmful for the skin, when used regularly, over a period of time.

  • If Mineral Oil massage is not good, then why do you have it?

    We operate in a highly competitive market. Customers are always looking for cheaper products and services, without caring, about its benefits. We just cater to their demands. If we do not provide it, there are lots of places to go. We can only educate people, not force them. The choice is entirely yours. In our Price Menu, we have given a choice of variety of Oils to choose from.

    We would again like to stress, your health is precious, don’t spoil it with cheap Mineral Oil.

  • Do I have to be completely undressed?

    Some massages require undressing, some not. For example, you do not need to undress in a Foot Massage or Traditional Thai Massage. However if you are wearing very tight clothing, our staff would recommend to change to a loose pyjamas, provided by us.

    For Oil Massages, undress to the level you are comfortable. You can leave your under-garments on. The therapist will work around the clothes you left on as best as he/she can. If removing all your clothes makes you too nervous and unable to relax, then you are not getting the optimal benefit from the session. Your massage therapist should give you privacy to undress and get comfortable.

  • What do I do during a massage treatment?

    Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she/he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It's up to you. It is your massage, and whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax.

    Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time. But please keep in mind our staff have limited fluency in other languages besides Thai Language, so might not be able to reply back with an answer satisfactory to you, or he/she may just smile back. (please understand that in Thai traditions and culture, even if the question is not clear or well understood you will just get a nod or smile back, no clarifications are asked, its considered rude, so please do not take it as a “yes’ answer or an “acknowledgement” on part of our staff)

  • Will the massage hurt?

    This depends on the type of massage and the depth of the strokes. A light, relaxing massage that doesn't probe very deep into the muscles, shouldn't hurt. With that being said, there is a 'feels good' hurt and an 'ouch, stop it' hurt. A good massage, even a really deep tissue massage, should always stay in the 'feels good' hurt range.

    Pain can be an indication that the muscle is possibly injured or inflamed and pressure should be adjusted. Also, pain can cause you to tighten up and negate the relaxing effects of the massage. The most effective and deepest massage always works with your body's natural response, not against it.

  • If I want a really deep massage shouldn't I see a male staff?

    The answer is NO. There is a perception that men give deeper massages than women. This is a myth. While some men do give a deeper massage, there are men who prefer to not work so deep. The same holds true for women.

    It is a matter of style, training, and therapist preference. Some therapists prefer not to give really deep sessions while others specialize in this area. If you are looking for a deep massage, it is best to simply ask the therapist if she/he does this type of work. And of course, during your session it is perfectly ok to give the therapist feedback if you would like a lighter/deeper pressure. It's your session! (please keep in mind the limited languages fluency, besides Thai of our staff) And remember, massage does not have to hurt to be effective.

  • When should I not get a massage?

    There are few conditions which would prevent you from enjoying massage. You should not have a massage if you have a fever, cold, flu, contagious skin infection or skin rashes or open wounds. Also wait for at least 2 hours, after a meal, for a massage session.

    If you suffer from chronic or acute medical problems, do let our staff know and ask for arranging a consultation appointment with our chief therapist. (Consultation charges apply)

  • Why is a normal mineral oil massage so cheap, compared with massages?

    Mineral Oil is a by-product of petroleum industry. 1 liter of mineral oil, costs about 150 Baht. One session of massage will require about 100-200ml only. So as our costs are cheaper we can provide with cheaper prices.

    We recommend that no one should be using these mineral oils for massages. You may research yourself about the harmful effects of mineral oils. It is beyond the scope of this FAQ to include it.

    On the other hand pure virgin Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil or Pure Aromatherapy Oils or medicated Ayurvedic oils costs from 550 - 5,000 Baht per liter. As such, the price goes up accordingly. These oils are completely natural and will bring about healing and repair of tissues. Your health is very precious; don’t ruin it with cheap Mineral Oils.

  • Can I charge my mobile phone while massaging?

    Since our prices for the massage are so reasonable, we regret to be unable to provide free mobile charging service. However our guests can get their mobiles charges for a small fee of 20 Baht.

  • Do you have a free Wifi connection?

    The purpose of a Massage is to relax and rejuvenate. With your attention on the social media or online, while getting a massage would rob you of its relaxation effects. We highly recommend not to do so, and to even shut down your mobile phones. Just give some time for your body, and experience the soothing effects of our great massage.

    But we, care for our guests demands, so if you would really want to go online, ask our staff for it. A free low speed (256K) connection Wifi would be made available to you. For a high speed (2Mb) Wifi connection a very small fee of 10 Baht would be charged.

  • What is your tipping policy?

    Though not required, gratuities are a great way to show appreciation for the quality service offered by our staff. And we would also like to remind our guests, that we do not levy any service charge. So it would be highly appreciated to Tip 50 - 100 Baht. You may hand over the tip to the concerned staff.

  • Do you accept credit cards? Are there any additional charges for using Credit Card?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Union pay Credit/Debit cards, but for amounts of 500 Baht or more per payment. We do not levy any additional charges for using credit/debit cards.

  • If my massage costs less than 500 Baht, then how can I use my credit cards?

    The use of credit/debit cards, have some extra additional costs, telephone calls, bank fee etc per transaction. We don’t pass on these extra costs to our clients. But we would like to keep these to a minimum.

    We recommend paying for your partner’s/friend’s session also in one transaction, so that the amount exceeds 500 Baht. Or you may pay for 2-3 session altogether in advance, and enjoy the massages at later dates. We will provide you with a receipt for this. Please bring this receipt for every massage session.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Our prices are very reasonable and fixed. We have special discounts available from time to time. Please do not bargain or haggle over prices.

  • What kind of Beauty and Spa Treatments you have?

    Our Beauty and spa treatments range from Body scrubs, wraps, anti-cellulite, Aloe Vera Massages etc. Please refer to our price menu or the sub-menus in our website.

  • What is Traditional Thai Face Massage?

    Our Traditional Thai Face massage is not the “facials”, which you receive in a beauty salon. It consists of using pure natural herbal powders with gentle stokes and pressure points. This will help to improve blood circulation, nerve functions, fade out blemishes and scars, giving a general relaxing effect, and also help to reduce allergic rhinitis, sinusitis. When done regularly 1-2 times a week, your face will radiate glow, energy, youthfulness and beauty.

  • What are ‘Detoxification and Balancing” Treatments?

    Over the years due to wrong dietary and lifestyle habits, waste products get accumulated into our tissues and cells, which should have been excreted out of our bodies. This accumulation causes unexplained fatigue, allergies, weakness, headaches, irritability, depression etc. Detoxification therapies help to cleanse out these unwanted wastes from our bodies, while the “Balancing’ therapies try to restore the normal harmony and functioning of the different organs. Both of these go hand -in-hand, to give you vibrant health.

  • What is Indian Head Massage?

    Indian head massage is the head massage using the techniques of ancient Indian medicine system called Ayurveda. Due to local traditional influences, there are slightly different variations of this Massage. We follow the North Indian tradition of massage the head. Medicated Oil will be gently rubbed all over the scalp, and then from gentle to mild to strong pressure, tapping, rubbing and stoking will be given. The immediate benefits will be felt due to the massage techniques, while the long terms benefits will be due the herbal ingredients of our head massage oils. We provide a selection of herbal oils to suit your needs. Please refer to the Price Menu of the sub-menus in our website for details.

  • What is Karmic release?

    Karmic release is removing residue (feelings or actions of revenge, grudge, jealousy, greed, hurt, guilt etc) from primarily past life resonances. Karmic release also addresses karma accumulated in this life as well. We are unable to feel or think positively, progress and succeed in our lives due to this residual karma controlling our minds. As the sessions of Karmic release progresses, you will feel more energy, enthusiasm, vibrancy, zest, elation, positivity, passion and love in all your actions, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Our prices are so reasonable. We have special discounts available from time to time. No bargaining please.

  • What are Ayurvedic Treatments?

    Ayurveda -- is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It developed thousands of years ago in India. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health, rather than fight disease. But treatments may be recommended for specific health problems. Ayurvedic treatments range from cleansing toxins from body (Panchkarma) to harmonizing and balancing organ function like the Heart Dhara, Kidney Dhara, Kati Basti etc. These treatments have to be undertaken over a period of time, to provide with health benefits. They don’t work like taking a pill, with immediate symptom suppression effects.

  • What kinds of Ayurvedic treatments do you provide?

    Ayurvedic treatments range from cleansing toxins from body (Panchkarma - a series of medicated colonic enemas, herbal scrubs, and massages) to harmonizing and balancing organ function like the Heart Dhara (herbal decoction massaged over the heart area, Kidney Dhara, Kati Basti etc. These treatments have to be undertaken over a period of time, to provide with the required health benefits. They don’t work like taking a pill, with the immediate symptom suppression effects. The purpose of Ayurvedic treatments is to eliminate the root causes of the disease not simply suppressing the symptoms. For Example, a person may have headaches due to poor digestion and gastric or vision problems or stress or allergies or wrong sleeping habits etc. So just suppressing the headaches with pain killers is not the goal of Ayurveda, but to remove the underlying cause of the problem.

  • Is a consultation necessary, before any Ayurvedic treatments?

    Our advice is to have a Consultation first, with our Chief therapist, before starting any Ayurvedic treatments, so that proper recommendation may be given. However, we have provided some safe Ayurvedic treatments in our Menu for which Consultation is optional (though recommended). We care and want to provide the best for our guests, caring for their tastes, demands and sensitivities. So do not want to force them to go for a consultation. We hope that, after feeling some benefits from the General Ayurvedic treatments, our guests would be enticed them to seek a more professional advice with us.

  • I have sinusitis headaches? Can I have Shirodhara Treatments?

    This is exactly why we recommend, to consult our chief therapist first, before undergoing Ayurvedic Therapies. Without a consultation, we would be using a generalized form of herbal decoction, meant for relaxation, removing stress, improving sleep quality, improving brain function, memory, headaches due to Pitta (heat energies), but not due to kapha (water energies). Sinusitis is due to imbalance in both Pitta and Kapha, and for this a different herbal decoction would be more suitable.

  • How long will it take for my condition to improve?

    This is one of the most frequently asked question, and one of the most difficult to answer. The general rule is, the longer the illness has been in your body, the longer it takes to cure. Many factors contribute to faster healing, such as diet, lifestyle, sleep, age, job etc. 99% of our customers come after failing from the western medicine, as such 15-20 days of Alternative Medicine Therapies is not long.

    Have patience, and don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to heal yourself by being impatient. Alternative Medicine Therapies try to eliminate the cause of disease, and not just the symptoms. Suppressing symptoms is easy, but it takes time to replace the old diseased cells with new healthy cells in our body.

  • Are there any side effects?

    There are no side effects as understood in context of western medicine. In fact Alternative Medicine Therapies are holistic in nature, meaning, they do not act, specifically at a particular target organ or part of body, but bring about improvement in the overall functioning of the body. It is normal to experience aggravation of existing symptoms of your illness, while undergoing natural, Alternative Medicine Therapies, which is actually due to the detoxification and healing effect, and will be temporary. Some therapists term it “Healing Crisis”. There could also be some tenderness at places of hard and strong massage or pressure, again, this being temporary.

  • In one day can I take 2 therapy treatments?

    Yes, but we can be answer this better after having known the patient’s condition. We will advise you the best treatment plan after your case taking and getting all the health and medical details from you. Generally 1 session per day is enough, so as to give the body, the time to heal and repair. The effect of 2 sessions in 2 days is more than 2 sessions in 1 day. The more Chronic the condition, the more slow and gradual approach required.

  • I feel feverish/nauseated/dizzy after my therapy, is it normal ?

    As explained earlier, certain detoxification symptoms such as Fever, Nausea, Giddiness etc might be felt. This is normal. The symptoms will subside quickly. In fact it should be taken as a positive signal that the Alternative Medicine Therapies are working, and you will be well soon.

  • I require regular dialysis, can I take therapy?

    We do not provide any medical health facilities, as available in a hospital or clinic. We cannot provide, or recommend for such medical requirements as dialysis, blood transfusion etc. The patient will have to make his/her own arrangements. The type of Alternative Medicine Therapy, that can be undertaken, can only be explained after knowing the detailed condition of illness.

  • What diseases do you treat?

    We don’t Treat or Cure any diseases. Your own body will cure itself. We guide and make available, the optimum conditions, that body requires to start self healing and let the organs work normally, to full capacity, balance the hormonal & nervous systems, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and so the diseases get cured.

  • Why is a normal mineral oil massage so cheap, compared with massages?

    Mineral Oil is a by-product of petroleum industry. 1 liter of mineral oil, costs about 150 Baht. One session of massage will require about 100-200ml only. So as our costs are cheaper we can provide with cheaper prices.

    We recommend that no one should be using these mineral oils for massages. You may research yourself about the harmful effects of mineral oils. It is beyond the scope of this FAQ to include it.

    On the other hand pure virgin Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil or Pure Aromatherapy Oils or medicated Ayurvedic oils costs from 550 - 5,000 Baht per liter. As such, the price goes up accordingly. These oils are completely natural and will about healing and repair of tissues. Your health is very precious; don’t ruin it with cheap Mineral Oils.

  • You recommend 15 sessions, I don't have that much time, Can it be lesser days?

    The recommendation is based on our experience, treating a similar condition, taking into account your present illness, medical condition as indicated by medical records, your lifestyle as informed to us by you. It is just a rough estimate and not a guaranteed fact. Many times, persons taking therapies become better, before the actual number of sessions recommended to them, while others require more sessions. So it becomes very important for us to know of correct, true details, to give the best possible recommendation.

    For example, a person who complains of a migraine headaches, and informs us that his problem has been for the last for 3 months only, (though in fact it is around 8-10 years). So he/she is recommended to undertake 7 sessions. It is naïve to think, that a 10 years old migraine headache would be cured in 7 days. Secondly when asking about personal lifestyle details, many would just like to reply they sleep well, defecate well, etc. without any problems.

    A person having problems to sleep well, would require more sessions than a person who sleeps soundly. Our recommendation is based on the feedback from you. We don’t believe in making persons, undertaking any extra sessions than they require. We have a long queue of persons waiting to take treatments at our place.

    Every session undertaken will give some positive health benefits. Now it depends on you, if you would wish to take those benefits right to the point, when the ailment bothering you is healed.

    Think about this “if we don’t have time to give to ourselves, to get healthy, what is the use or all the work, and job that we do? Are we doing all this to get more and more sick?

  • Will I get a 100% cure? Will the problem come back?

    99% of our customers come after failing from years western medicine treatments. Then expecting by some magic they should be 100% cured. We would like to ask “is it possible to cure a 10 years old neck stiffness and pain in 10-15 sessions?” How much cure a person will get is equally dependant on the lifestyle of the person. Example: a person after a therapy session, now goes on a night life spree contrary to our advice of rest. Could this person to cured, within the recommended sessions?

    f your treatments could take place in environment of unpolluted fresh air, eating pure fresh organic foods, without mobiles ringing to cause work, business or family stress, sleeping with sunset, rising with sunrise, the answer is yes 100% cure is possible.

    All those factors, that caused the ailment at the first place, could also cause the disease to appear again. So after completing your therapies, it is very necessary to make changes in lifestyle and diet to avoid getting the same problem again. Exercise, diet and rest all contribute to good health.

  • Is Yoga a religion?

    No, Yoga is a way of life, a discipline of body and mind, which comprises postures, exercises, breathing techniques, concentration, meditation techniques, and advice on how to lead a happy and satisfied life with positive outlook. Some Yoga schools chant Mantras and Prayers from the Hindu Religious Texts, which might give this notion of Yoga being a religion. But this chanting is not necessary if the Yoga aspirant is not comfortable. In our classes, we include Prayers and chanting from all religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity or any other religion, if a Yoga student can make available. The meaning of all these Chanting and Prayer is the same.

  • Will doing Yoga help me lose weight?

    Yes, Regular Practice of Yoga Postures and breathing techniques, will give a healthy, harmonized, fit and trimmed body.

  • Is Yoga just stretching?

    "Yes, Yoga Postures is the art of stretching--but much more and as you go deeper into practicing yoga, your perception or awareness of your body increases and changes-- you become more aware of the space your body occupies and develop a greater sense of the body's position.

    When you break down the anatomy of any Asana (Posture) sequence, you will notice that each pose flows into the other in a highly physiological way. Muscle groups are being toned and shaped, while internal organs are being purified and massaged.

  • Can I do Yoga even though I am not flexible?

    Flexibility is built up, as one regularly practices Yoga Postures. Flexibility is not a kind of switch that can be turned on or off. Even persons, who are flexible, will lose their flexibility if they stop regular practice. Yes, some persons can attain flexibility faster than others, because of their body constitution and healthy lifestyle.

    If you are not flexible, that surely means you are in most need of practicing Yoga Postures.

  • Can men do Yoga?

    Any kind of sporting activity or stretching would make muscles when done 1st time or after a long break. The same holds true for Yoga postures. But his is just temporary, and will be fine in 2-3 days

  • Will doing Yoga make me sore?

    Yes, Yoga is for both males and females, old and young. The yoga teacher would explain out, which postures are more beneficial to which category.

  • Can I do Yoga at home?

    Definitely. You just need a firm (not very soft and not very hard) surface, loose clothing, proper ventilation and lots of motivation to have a great enjoyable Yoga session at your own home. Remember, empty stomach or at least 2 hours after a meal, with proper evacuation of the bowels and bladder, are also necessary.

  • Can Yoga improve my sex life?

    Better sex is one of the reputed benefits of yoga. As with regular practice of Yoga postures and breathing exercises, brings about a holistic benefit in all the body organs, so does the sexual organs get benefited too, they get balanced and harmonized, producing hormones in the required amounts for a healthy sexual life.

  • Should I avoid Inversions during my period (menstruation)?

    Yes, we recommend not to do all forms of Inversions, like head stand, shoulder stand and even simple leg raising postures during the time of periods (menstruation).

  • What should you do about a head rush (vertigo) in Yoga class?

    Head rushes are pretty common in yoga class. In general, they are easy to prevent and treat. During the head rush, just lie down in Shav Asana (corpse postures for 5-10 minutes). When you feel Ok, continue with the Yoga Postures. In the beginning avoid those postures that give Head Rush, and then gradually incorporate them into your regimen. In fact, a Head Rush is a good sign that blood circulation and nerve functioning is trying to improve in the Neck and Brain. But please consult with your physician, if the head rush is acute and excessive, to rule out medical illness.

  • How to Choose a Yoga Style?

    In reality there is only One Yoga. Yoga means union of the body and soul, the union of the soul with supreme energy.

    Over the years different teachers or Gurus have given different names to the styles they profess. Some lay more stress on hard and difficult physical postures, some on slow gradual postures that need to be held for some minutes, some profess practicing breathing exercises more than postures, while others on chanting and recitation. The quick Aerobic style of Yoga is really not true Yoga, and so is the Yoga practiced in Closed rooms, with high temperatures. Yoga should always be practiced with proper ventilation and proper breathing to continuously provide the muscles with oxygen supply. This will keep the muscles flexible, toned, youthful and energized; otherwise, ageing effects will get hold of the muscles.

    Regular Practise of Yoga should bring about a holistic wellbeing of body, mind and soul, so must incorporate all the aspects of Yoga (postures, breathing, concentration, meditation) in right proportions, suitable for that person. A person with stiff back, should do more postures first, to gain flexibility. A person with stress and depression should go first for more breathing techniques. An experienced Yoga teacher, will make all the difference. He/she will be able to recognize your needs and guide you in the right direction. But do not expect all the guidance to flow right away in the first Yoga session. A good Teacher, will first make sure that you are serious about learning Yoga. So attend the classes regularly.

  • What's The Best Time To Do Yoga?

    Early morning, empty stomach is the best. It will leave you relaxed, refreshed and energized for the activities of the day and to face up with the challenges of life.

    However, Yoga can also be practiced any time of the day, but 2 hours after any meal.

  • Yoga Tips
    • All ages, all abilities and all types of bodies can benefit from practicing yoga.
    • A good teacher makes all the difference. Look for an experienced, certified teacher who understands your goals, needs and limitations and can design a practice that's appropriate for you.
    • Yoga is not about physical perfection, competition or forcing yourself into painful postures. Nor is it a religion. It's a holistic health practice available to people of all faiths and beliefs, designed to impart strength and flexibility, improve circulation and breathing, and relax and revitalize body and mind. A yoga practice can include any or all of the following elements: asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and sound (chanting).
    • Your breath is your life force. It helps facilitate movement, focuses and calms the mind, and energizes the body.
    • You're only as old as your spine. Improving spinal strength and flexibility is a key focus of yoga. Through regular practice, you can improve your posture and overall body alignment, reduce the risk of back pain, increase your energy, improve your balance, and boost your confidence.
  • What Consultations do you provide?

    You can consult us, for a wide range of health related issues, from your physical illness, mental or psychological illness, and spiritual aspects, get advice about diet and lifestyle, which will help to gain holistic vibrant health.

  • What are the charges for the Consultations?

    We recommend seeing our price list to get the current updated prices. If included, here, it might not reflect any revised rates, discounts offered etc.

  • Can I just walk-in to get a consultation.

    An appointment is recommended. Visit us or call at +66-86-3921 164, Ms Paveena (10:30-16:30) to book an appointment. You will need to bank transfer or pay a deposit to get a confirmed appointment. Without a deposit payment, a tentative appointment will be given. In that case we follow the “First come, First Serve Policy”. This is due to many persons making appointments with us, but not turning up for their appointments.

    Appointments can be booked via our website or e-mail only 1 week in advance.

    You are most welcome to walk-in and wait for your turn, for the appointment, provided the TTM doctor or the chief Therapist is available that day.

  • What do I need to bring for the appointment?

    It is advisable to reach 10-15 minutes before your appointed time, so that you can relax and compose yourself before meeting the TTM doctor or the Chief Therapist. Bring all your past and present medical reports, tests, scans and any other relevant documents. Please let us decide, which medical reports, tests, scans are important, so bring all of them.

    If you do not have the medical reports, tests, scans, and wish to take treatments with us, you will be required to get these done.