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What our Customers/Guests have to say about us ?
The following guests did Packaged holistic therapies with us. For details see under Package section.
(The comments are personal opinions of our customers. They do not reflect medical opinion nor any guarantee on our part of providing cure for diseases or ailments.)

1. My name is Paul Murphy, from England, and I can TESTIFY that the treatment I received here, worked wonders for my shoulder.

Paul Murphy, England.

2. Chula, you are the BEST, pain is gone and I feel great. Recommend to everyone. Thanks

RSK, Alaska, USA,

3. I had a cist just above the rectum, and the magnets opened and cleaned the cist. I had this for six years, even surgery didn’t help, but the magnets did.

Milanovic Alexander, Belgrade, Mobile: +3816411134-18

4. Came here nearly every night - Excellent!!. A twisted knee and the Massage & Electromagnet treatments helped a great deal - Look forward to come back next time - Khob Khun Khrab ( Thankyou in Thai )

Richard & Catherine, Yorkshire - England.

5. I’m proud to say that its excellent treatment. You are great, you help me, you gave me new life. I don’t have to take medicine everyday (10-15 tablets) and admit to hospital every year, because of stomach problems and rheumatoid arthritis. Before I was taking treatment from Rama Hospital in Bangkok. After taking treatment here I am satisfied and happy too.

Sukhvinder, Ubon, Thailand.

6. Manit is a true HEALER. He worked on me and helped my back and sciatic condition. I could barely walk when I first saw him and after several treatments I am much improved. The doctors in America, had diagnosed me, “crippled for life”. After the 2nd month of treatment, I can now ride bicycle. Thank You.

Bob Marvin, Petaluma, Ca. (Now in Thailand).

7. I brought my father-in-law for treatment here. The doctor in Thonburi hospital said, he had 1) Stroke-right hemiparesis, 2) Parkinson’s disease, 3) Coronary artery disease, 4) Cognitive function impairement. He was in such a bad condition, could barely walk, not in his senses. His kidney was also not good. He was also anaemic. After 2 months of treatment, he is completely in his senses, can walk better, sleep without medicines. He has stopped his blood pressure tablet, which he was taking for 30 years. His haemoglobin and hematocrit are now normal, kidney function Ok. He can repeat words after listening. I am very happy and satisfied.

Vimmi, Bangkok, Thailand. Tel: 085 131 4767

8. Excellent Treatment, had sciatica problems for 3 years plus tried usual therapy but nothing compared to this form of treatment, I recommend the use of this practice and I personally rate it the best in the world 10/10.

Paul, England.

9. Yoga at this place, keeps me fit and fresh. I do not feel sleepy as compared to before.

Laveleen Kaur, Pattaya, Thailand.

10. My friend Ahmad introduced me to Mr. Manit, telling me, that he himself had benefitted so much. I was having too much dizziness, weakness, and tiredness. After few sessions of Ayurvedic Oil Massage & Magnet therapy and Reflexology, I felt better. Now I am completely OK, Young like before. I have recommended so many friends to this wonderful Healer.

Majeed, Muscat, Oman.