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Colonic Enema – Vasti

Over the years, faecal debris gets accumulated within the crevices of the highly folded Large Intestine, causing putrefaction, resulting in toxins entering our blood, and causing unexplained gastric problems, fatigue, headaches, restlessness etc.

We tailor the detox liquids according to your symptoms, health conditions, ranging from simple garlic-lime solutions to Ayurvedic Herbal decoctions. The process will start with a relaxing 2 hour Traditional Thai massage with more focus on back and abdominal muscles, than the normal Thai Massage. This is to loosen the tight and stiff muscles for proper cleansing.

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Colonic enema1

Colonic enema2

Two different kinds of herbal decoctions will be used. The 1st one about 1000 -1500 ml, and the 2nd one just 250 ml. The Vasti treatment (enemas) is followed by Herbal steam for the complete sense of detoxification and well being.

Mineral oils and artificial fragrances, are harmful for health when used regularly over a long period. We provide it to keep prices low and be competitive in the market as others are doing massage with this only. Sensitive skin, Asthmatics, easily allergic persons should refrain from using mineral oils and fragrances. We recommend spending a little extra for your health which is invaluable, by choosing other oils.