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Chakra – Balancing

The Chakras are entry gates of the Aura. Within the physical body resides the spiritual body, that contains the Chakras. They are centers of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses Life-force energy, Prana energy or Chi energy. They are responsible for the person's physical, mental, and spiritual functions. They absorb and transmit energies to and from the universe, nature, celestial entities, from people and even from non-living things.

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The most significant are the Seven Main Chakras located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each has its own color; a musical note; a deity; and an element form the five elements theory of Ayurveda. Any disarrangement or imbalance in any of these chakras leads to the related physical disease.

Our Spiritual masters have handed down this energy healing method, in which the Receiver has to just sit relaxed, while the Chanel (the person seem to be healing) invokes the SPIRITUAL MASTER to start the balancing act. Mantras and prayers are recited by the Chanel, during this session.