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  • A.N.G. Healing Touch - Total Health with alternative medicines

  • Foot Massage

  • Body Scrub

  • Yoga-Meditation

  • Traditional Thai Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Herbal Compress

  • Real Aroma Therapy

  • Ayurvedic Treatement

  • Treatment for pain & aches

“since 1999 in Holistic Healthcare and Wellness Service”

Located in the heart of Pattaya City, (Thailand), a 2 minute walk from the famous beach, we are dedicated to provide our guests and clients with synergistically blended Alternative Medicine Holistic Therapies ranging from Thai Traditional Medicine Therapies, Indian Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Bio-Magnetic Therapy, Yoga, Naturopathy etc to detoxify, balance, revitalize, invigorate and energize the body, mind, emotions, intellect, pride for a complete overall wellbeing to realize the inner soul, at very reasonable prices.

Though we make no claim of curing diseases, we have had many satisfied customers, cured of their acute and chronic illnesses, ranging from backaches, frozen shoulders, sciatica, stiff neck, migraine, insomnia, general weakness & fatigue, impotence, overweight etc, over the past 17 years.

Our Prices are so reasonable and affordable by all.

Our physical, mental, emotional body is invaluable. We have gone astray, to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on latest gadgets, mobiles, games etc, but cut down on those things that are essential for our wellbeing. We shall opt for a cheapest mineral oil massage rather than real aromatherapy or medicated oils, to save a few dollars, but are ready to spend thousands every year on the latest model of gadget. Lets place our priorities right.

Undertake this journey towards Complete Holistic Wellbeing, with us.

Our guests may select therapies and treatments from the wide choices offered. Or just relax down. Don’t let this journey of yours be another cause of stress and agitation, trying to decide is this or that good for me. Let our experience and expertise in wellness healthcare service, be your guide to tailor out the best combination of therapies and treatments to give the optimum health benefits for complete wellbeing.

We believe in "Complete Holistic Wellbeing", an improved quality of life, in all aspects of living, physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, pride, and spiritual and not merely absence of a physical discomfort or illness.
"We deliver what we believe in"